Monday, June 9, 2014

Rain of the supermen

There have been many supermen besides Superman. The bookstores are full of them. Be they homage like Alan Moore's Supreme, Astro City's Samaritan or just a doppelganger stand-in, used to tell less mainstream or more creative Superman tales.

There was supposed to be a review in here somewhere, wasn't there?

In a niche publishing industry, dominated by one genre, already drowning in the derivative and self-referencial, a book like Edison Rex by Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver is great surprise. They take a new path, not too far from the extremely well beaten one, more like going the wrong way against traffic. Bringing some new life and some considerable charm to the familiar Superman homage by giving us Luthor's perspective

Told with a loving wonder and nostalgia, without the heavy weight of comic book continuity, Edison Rex is an light and fun, unburdened tribute, a perfect blend of writing and art, and a wonderfully conceived supporting cast. 

Edison Rex Volume 1: Into the White, and Edison Rex Volume 2: Heir Apparent both by Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver. Published by IDW and Monkeybrain Comics as far as I know. The TPB editions are full of lots of fun extras, secret character files, a parody of the old Hostess comic ads, faux covers, pin-ups, and lots of great art and concept sketches and more!