Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flash Gordon returns! Again!

This past week, Dynamite introduced another Flash Gordon series. The last one was not perfect but still highly enjoyable and loosely based on the '80's Sam Jones version combining much of the known Flash universe comic strip elements with the fun,  stylized movie version. Complete with Klytus!

Spinning of from the recent "King's Watch" Mini series, which reintroduced Flash and his companions as well as Mandrake and the Phantom. This new Flash comic, by Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner is more traditional, in part homage while still fresh and striking out on it's own. Much like Shaner's art, classic without being dated. The comic is great fun, with the great wonder of the old comicstrips and thensome, invoking a grand adventurous style not often seen in comics anymore. This is in no small part to the clean crisp, classic style of "Doc" Shaner's art, absolutely beautiful honest-to-goodness old fashioned adventure cartooning, reminiscent of Alex Toth, Paul Smith, or more recently Francesco Francavilla.

Flash Gordon one of the best new comics I've seen in a long while. If you liked Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle (Dark Horse), you will find this just as fun but in a sci-fi way!

Seriously, I mean it and buy everything this man draws...

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