Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Orange is the new black & white

About a week ago I'm watching one of the weekend shows on MSNBC.

Something is off. And it isn't the lack of bars on the windows and doors. It isn't the fact that neither of the respected journalists is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. It isn't even the fact that I'm watching MSNBC on a weekend, without having to quickly change channels to hunt for something that at least passes for news on the weekend. They are apparently toying with broadcasting shows that don't have prisoners crying and unloading their emotional traumas through a small hole in their prison cell door.

I'm watching a great news show, and next is Alex Witt about interview Rachel Maddow @maddow on the Weekends with Alex Witt, on .

But that's still not what's bugging me. Something is off. I'm not seeing something.

So I paused the thing.

Then I see it, the "Zot!" logo.

There it is on the spine of one of the books on a shelf behind Alex Witt in the office where they are conducting the informal weekend style interview. (MSNBC is apparently toying with shows that don't have pundits crying and unloading their emotional issues neatly spaced around a oddly shaped plexiglass table).

Zot! is a comic book created back in the eighties, by Scott McCloud, published by Eclipse Comics. A lighthearted alternative to the grim and gritty, more violent comics of the time. More recently collected into the omnibus edition seen above on the MSNBC shelves. We here at the Weekly League News are all too lazy to do anything to confirm it's either Rachel Maddow's or Alex Witt's office. Maybe we'll tweet a question to one or more of the intrepid journalists, when we get a chance.

Either way we here at the Weekly League News are just happy to see such a great classic collection, in such a context. On the shelf of an intelligent, attractive, accomplished and successful female journalist. Either Witt or Maddow either will do. We are all to often subjected to media outlets quick to reinforce the clich├ęd portrayals of comic book readers, as sad, asthmatic nerds with little to no upper body strength. Thank you Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, go buy a copy of Scott McCloud's ZOT! The Complete Black and White Collection and bring it with you to Rachel Maddow's next book signing! And check out MSNBC's new weekend programming, featuring Alex Witt, Steve Kornacki, Melissa Harris-Perry, Karen Finney all morning and afternoon. But don't stress if you liked all the prison docs, they are on in the evenings still.