Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old news...

Print is dead

There are a couple of magazines you may want to pick up this month.

Retro Pulp art book covers are featured in an article in the November issue of Juxtapoz (The best art magazine for those of us who believe art should be dangerous!)

Along with the usual cutting edge articles and interviews, featuring the best and brightest in subversive contemporary art, Gwynned Vitello interviews Charles Ardai and Max Philips, who have started their own publishing house, Hard Case Crime, devoted to the revival of pulp crime novels, featuring covers by artists who harken back to the 1930's, '40s and '50s

The interview features lots of great new art produced for the retro line, including artists like Glen Orbik, Robert McGinnis, Gregory Manchess, Ricky Mujica.

Smithsonian magazine has a really fascinating and fun, special collector's issue out this November. "101 Objects that made America," features spotlight looks at everything from Abe Lincoln's hat, to the Edison light bulb.

On page 56, featured prominently right above the Colt Revolver, is the original Wonder Woman comic book. Character creator, William Moulton Marston is quoted and her significance explained as having been the first strong and powerful feminist archetype, freeing little girls to grab a hunk of old clothesline and dream side by side with the little boys wearing old beach towels pinned on heir shoulders.

Tweeting our own horn

I just ran across this awesome Twitter review of us, by Doug Vehovec, Editor in Chief of the Cleveland State University student newspaper, The Cleveland Stater. "I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at here... but I like it." AWESOME! Thanks Doug, we really don't know either.

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