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The Indy Hunter Interview: Pat Broderick

Comics veteran Pat Broderick takes time out of his busy schedule to talk with us about his latest project: Nibiru and the Legend of The Annunaki!

Sometime in the 70's a young artist decided that there was better opportunity outside his basement and tried out for a contest in New York. Instantly proven to be a talent worth developing, legendary veteran creator Pat Broderick has archived his work for Marvel and D.C. comics, and taken on a new adventure. Place your butts on your chill mat and listen to the soarin' sounds in your consciousness while I ask Mr. Broderick a few questions about his newest project and how he got started. It's okay. I am here to help you dear reader.

Hi Pat, thanks for talking with us.
It's a pleasure, Hunter.

For those just meeting you, what’s some of your past work they might be familiar with?
My history in comics dates back to the early seventies, Indy.
My first work fell under DC COMICS for their Dollar Size Family books, creating contents pages and short stories to fill the gaps so to speak. I got that job winning the DC comics junior Bullpen contest they sponsored the summer or 74’ at the New York Comic Con.

After about a year there I joined Continuity and Associates, which is the studio founded by Neal Adams and the late Dick Giordano. I stayed at Continuity for about two years learning the craft. Then I began with The Planet of Vampires for Atlas comics.

After a short time there, I began working for Marvel comics with Captain Marvel, The Micronauts, and the Weird World series. Then, over at DC comics again with the Legion of Super Heroes, The Fury of Firestorm ,Green Lantern, SwampThing and a few other titles.

Finally, back again to Marvel for a year’s run on Alpha Flight, and three plus years on Doom 2099.

What was life like after comics?
I had spent the following few years back in advertising, working for a company out of Dallas, TX called Tracy Locke, where I managed an in-house creative department. I also got my feet wet in animation doing design work for the Jimmy Neutron Movie and TV series. In 1999, my family and I moved back to the Tampa Bay area, which is where we're from, and I began teaching at IADT in their animation department, and I’m still there today.

What can you tell us about Nibiru?
Two years ago, I decided to get back into the comics field, but this time for myself. As a side note, I've always been a history buff and had come across the early works of Zachariah Sitchen and his research on the Sumerian history. From there, it seemed that a world had opened up. I found the interpretation of the "Enmu Elish," The Sumerian 7 tablets of creation and their tales of their Gods, who lived amongst them.

Remember also that, during the late 70's and the 80's, there began a theory of there existing a 10th planet in our solar system. Also, this was when it was first postulated that we might actually have a binary star system. All of this came together into one theory for me.

The early Sumerians spoke of their Gods coming from a world which had been captured by our solar system called Nibiru. During its first passage into our own system, it collided with a planet which they called Tiamet. It was this collision which created the "Hammered Bracelet," our asteroid belt, and dislodged what was left of Tiamet, sending it and one of its moons into a new orbit where we find our world now. Tiamet is Earth, which settled into its' present orbit.

The Sumerian tablets also speak of a race of beings on Nibiru called the Anunnaki and how they came to discover our Earth and established an outpost here to mine for an element which they needed to repair their atmosphere. Gold was that element. 450,000 years ago, they landed in the area which we now call Iraq and established their outpost. The expedition was run by two brothers from their royal house, Enil and Enki, along with, first, about 600 Nibiruians. There, the youngest of the two brothers built his home, called the E-den, and, from there, they spread across the globe. Signs of that civilization exist today as they used a unique building method: pyramids.

They worked here alone for almost 200,000 years until there was a revolt in their ranks due to the harsh conditions they found themselves in. So, in order to quell the revolt, the oldest brother, Enki, who was a scientist and in charge of the mining, took from the indigenous species here and altered their DNA by adding some of their own, and created ADAMU, the first human.

So, according to these tablets, which are 8,000 years older than the Old Testament, we have the first mention of Eden and the creation of man and the story of the Anunnaki and their history here both before the great Flood and afterwards, up until they left our planet some 300,000 or so years ago. Their story is there for all to read. What I have done is try to bring it to life again in the comic book form of communication. Kind of like bringing the written word, as the Sumerian cuneiform is the first written language, full circle to our world of today from stone reliefs depicting this history, to the sequential page.

Your current project Nibiru and the Legend of The Annunaki is a monthly subscription digital series. What went into the decision to go digital? Will it go to print eventually?
What better medium than the digital medium first, then as a trade collection later.

If you can, describe to us a day in production for Nibiru? I’m always interested to hear other creators/publishers methods as I continue to refine my own. Hoping to pick up some tips along the way.
A day of production works like this: I have 16 pages a month to produce. First, there are the notes, or outline. Remember, this story takes place long before the great flood, so it’s wide open for me. These beings have to have a look which can be the basis for multiple civilizations: Egyptian, Asian, and South American. So, there must be elements of all of these combined into the visuals. Then there’s the production of the black and white art. The files are passed off to Robb Epps, my partner and colorist on the series. After Robb has finished the coloring, I then layout the lettering. Back to Robb for editing, and, finally back to me for the final approval. Then, through the miracle of the internet, from my web site at www.theartofpatbroderick.com, it is "shipped" to my subscribers. I might mention also that we are in the process of placing it with Comixology, and, already, I have a French publisher interested in distributing it in the European market through his banner.

It’s a LOT of work but very satisfying.

Lastly Pat, what do you want people to take away from Nibiru and The Legend of Annunaki?
What I want people to see is that there is a long history behind us all. And that what we think we know is not actually what was, or will be, again. Because they, the Anunnaki are coming back. What we've experienced, global change, is actually a result of their planets influence on our world. Their planets' existence explains why Uranus is tilted on its axis, why there is the inner asteroid belt, why we have an inbred need for gold, why there are religious wars today, how we came to be, and what will become of us.

Thanks again Pat for speaking with us.

You can check out Pat Broderick's latest project at http://theartofpatbroderick.com/

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