Thursday, May 16, 2013

WEEKLY LEAGUE NEWS : Art Contest Update

We have our first winner in the Weekly League News Art Contest! This amazing tribute to Ray Harryhausen, (who we had a little fun with last week), was submitted by artist Ed Quinby, via message board post.

Ed noted, "It's been heartwarming to read all the tributes to Ray Harryhausen on the internet. Almost none of them coming from people who knew him personally, just fans like me who were touched by the, I don't know, sheer sincerity and invention of his work."

Help us make up the news! Keep sending us your art, photoshop, cartoon, sketches, paintings, whatever medium you like, OF ANYTHING, make your own fun twist on anything going on in the world of comics, sci-fi fun or collecting, and as Ed can tell you, winners will be featured right here on the blog! You heard me! Winners to be featured on this very blog!

Submit as many entries as you'd like, post them on the contest discussion at the League message boards or email them to me at


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