Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mourning stone

Empire of Stone is here!

It's no secret we here at the League are huge fans of the poetry. But Empire of Stone is some of the best, along with Josh Brown and illustrator Trent Westbrook, he creates familiar yet fresh, complex fantasy world, mired deeply in a lifetime study of history and myth. Intimate portraits of epic battles, full of mystery, magic, fleeting triumphs and tragic loss on a grand scale. This is a completely awesome book. Your ears will ring with the sounds of combat, you'll breath in the smell of stale blood on the field of battle and lament the passing of a kingdom you never knew.

From the publisher, "After centuries of constant war the dwarves have outlasted every invader until now. Orcs and most other races have joined forces to crush the dwarves of the Empire of Stone.   In epic poem and narrative prose, the story of the last stand of the Empire is told. Illustrated throughout, this work is epic and violent; it is a story of a conflict to end all conflicts."

Authored by Josh Brown, illustrated by Trent Westbrook, cover design or artwork by Jason Moser, edited by Dara Syrkin.

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