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Who watches the Watchdude

From the February 3rd,  Steve Rude Art Newsletter...


Good.  Hope that caught your attention-eth.  ( It's hard to take the "eth" out of a guy who grew up on l960's Marvels.)
So, frantic, hyper-types...why is the Dude writing this special message and what's the big secret he's about to reveal?


How many of you remember the Dude News from many months back when I told of my offering to do some work for the good folks at DC-and never heard back?  You do remember?  Good--I won't have to repeat the whole story again. 

Being the enlightened being that I am, instead of being bothered by the people at DC Comics never getting back to me, I all but needed to recall a basic and steadfast truth of humanity-which is--

When they want you-they'll call you. 

And call they did.


What did DC call me about you ask?  No, it wasn't a chance to do some Kirby character like I'd originally requested, like Barda and her Female Furies, OMAC, or even something unexpected like beautiful, blonde Supergirl.  No.  What DC called to offer me was a "one-shot" that revolved around a "Watchman" character named Dollar Bill.

Dollar Who?  Who's that? 

When DC art director and editor Mark Chiarello called with the offer, I wasn't sure how to react.  I certainly hadn't heard of this " Dollar Bill", nor had I exactly been keeping up with any of the news regarding DC's re-launch of the Watchmen group.  Hey, when's the last time the old-fashioned Dude read a new-fashioned comic book?

Just before being offered "DOLLAR BILL"...

DC had called me to do an alternative cover for one of Darwyn Cooke's Minuteman books--#4 to be exact--so I at least had the advantage of having drawn the characters that would eventually appear in and around this Dollar Bill book they were now offering me.  Maybe it was an omen--or an amen-but before I could shave, bathe, and stop our new puppy from chewing up my old art books, DC once again called--to offer me the D. B. one-shot.

Why am I bringing this up now?  Simply to to let y'all know that the DC Dollar Bill one-shot by writer Len Wein and artist Steve Rude is on stands now.

And what should you expect of this book, dear fans of classic comic art? A weak, uninspired, and "so-what" script from the creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine?  And the art, inking and lettering from a multiple Eisner-winning artist that is a pale, uninspired, and dashed-off shadow of its former self?  Anyone expecting that from two young-at-heart, classically inspired true-believers like Len and the Dude might as well glove-up for the boxing ring!
Page from Steve's sketchbook shown above as preparation for Dollar Bill


For starters, how 'bout that the story is actually--steady now-easily followed, with likewise comprehendible drawings to match the words!  Since Len and I are both from the "classic period" of comic book storytelling, we'll be telling you the compelling and eventually tragic life story of one Bill Brady, one of those naturally gifted athletes who had it easy at an early age-the kind of guy whom all of us normal types use to envy from afar.  That lucky guy who had all the girls and buddies he could ever want in high school who now finds himself a bit lost in life after the easy scores following college (didn't we all know at least  one person like that back then?). 

Above from Dollar Bill page 4, middle panel 

What's a trophy winning, super-jock like that to do now that he's on his own?  Take his once unbound, perfect-teeth smile and go out and conquer the world anew?  Get in with the wrong crowd and use his homerun-hitting bat to help out the local mafia?  Give up and couch-it with endless M.A.S.H. reruns and grow a beer gut?


If you loved Dollar Bill and would like to see the Dude do more, email DC at this link:  dcentertainment.com/contact. "

Thanks to Mr. Rude for providing us the above interview! All Watchmen and related Characters are copyright DC Comics, Nexus and related Characters are Copyright Steve Rude.

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