Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Ravens of Odin

Welcome to the very first League sanctioned real-time, completely interactive, virtually endless,  interview:

Let me introduce you to the authors of a great new book, THE RAVENS OF ODIN, and then follow us to the League message boards where any and all registered League members are invited to join me in our informal interrogation of these two talented creators.

THE RAVENS OF ODIN is a new book of poems and images from the Viking age. Illustrated by Ed Quinby, one of the most talented people I know, but for the readers sake, in his own words, who the heck is this guy?

"I discovered my passion at a very early age, but in my case, it
was illustration and comics. In fact, I learned to read from Flash Gordon and Prince
Valiant Sunday comic strips. Not a bad thing at all, the material was more
challenging than ' Dick and Jane'. But, it was the beautiful artwork of those strips
that set me on a path I still walk today. It's a fortunate thing to devote yourself to
a skill in which you can still improve well into middle age. For an athlete, it would
be like loving to play golf, and I am a very happy golfer."

You can buy the book THE RAVENS OF ODIN, online from CreateSpace 

And you can see more art from Ed Quinby at


Any questions posted here will be re-posted in the interview, look for your responses there, CLICK HERE!

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  1. Do you identify with the Vikings? Also, what are your thoughts about people who think that Vikings were culturally-inept killers? Why do you think this idea about Vikings persists?