Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Raising the Dead

IDW publishing and their reprint imprint YOE is producing some excellent high-quality hardcover comics reprint books. I've already picked up Bob Powell's Terror, and I'm very much looking forward to their Steve Ditko's Monsters, with separate books for both Gorgo and Konga. I can't wait! But like many reprint books, they are sometimes a little tough to squeeze into a guys weekly comics budget, even ones well worth the price. Haunted Horror by IDW is a nice compromise. Reprinting some of the best of 1950's horror comics in a high quality bi-monthly comic format. In the first two issues alone, they've reprinted over a dozen classic horror stories from great fun titles like; Weird Terror, This magazine is Haunted, Baffling Mysteries, Black Magic, Intrigue, Crime Detector, The Beyond, Worlds of Fear, Adventures into Darkness. Some great classic comics, scanned very well, without bleed through. I hate that. If you are going to scan and old comic take the time to put a piece of black board behind the page your scanning!

IDW makes a lot of good choices when it comes to their books, not just their reprints either their new Popeye book is great fun, well written and the art is beautifully retro, while still being crisp and spontaneous. I like their classic Popeye reprint books as well. These books are all printed on white matte finish stock, not glossy. I hate that. The new shiny papers make the old comics colors look garish and vulgar. Haunted Horror has a nice cover stock too, a great deal, an affordable comic, with high-quality reprints, showcasing some of the best of fifties horror comics. Scary!

Check out their whole line of awesome reprint books, at yoebooks.com 

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