Thursday, January 10, 2013

De mortuis, and all that

The saddest song ever written, is "The Streets of Laredo." In one version of the song, the dead cowboy gives instructions on what to tell his mother, "Please not one word of the man who had killed me, don't mention his name and his name will pass on." One of the many reasons to not speak ill of the dead.

One of the main reasons we started The League message boards, was trolls mucking up a memorial thread at another message board with unsubstantiated bile. Many of us were only trying to pay tribute to Joe Kubert at the time of his passing. When the resident sad, lonely troll who never achieved anything in his own life, came in wanting attention again, and felt it was an appropriate time and place to introduce unsubstantiated accusations and speculation of fraud and malfeasance. He got what he wanted, what all internet trolls want, a lot of fuss and bother.

Many of the people who are now members of The League, went on record there, arguing that a memorial announcement was a space for people to mourn, and criticism should be posted elsewhere out of respect.

We never said there was no place for such opinions, just that it would be suited to a separate discussion. That being said,  anyone who might be inclined to post a memorial thread should feel free to do so. Not that I'm expecting anyone to do so. Mr. Olney has made quite a career of making enemies, as well as making an ass of himself. For many, he will not be missed, but for his family we wish them peace, and sympathy for their loss.

Below is an excerpt from a eulogy for Mr. Olney written by one of the League's founding members, Alex Ness (originally published at the poplitiko blog).

"I understand that it is bad form to speak ill of the recent dead.   So I will leave his death be viewed as what it is, a human passing from the planet.

But in the comic world almost no one over the last 10 years who visited comic book message boards would not have heard or saw or participated in the fights and arguments and debates caused by this man.

I had my own experiences which I will keep to myself, other than to say he caused much frustration in my life, and I've forgiven him for it.

But here is a fellow owing many people and the small community of comics rose up to be outraged and tried to stop him from screwing and thus owing money to anyone else.   He will be remembered for this, but there are many many many more shysters in comics than Richard Olney, and many are far worse.

The point?

Well I think comics are too small for most people to care much about, but the creative community in  the comic book world is filled with stories of creators being robbed, with friends betraying one another, and with publishers absolutely screwing over people.

I have signed contracts with four publishers of comics in my life.  Only one fulfilled its obligations, and has been above board and moral."

Alex Ness, Sunday, December 30, 2012

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  1. If there is anyone who does not deserve any kind words after his death, it's Rick Olney. The man was a waste of human flesh, and the world is better off without him. He chose to live the way he did, even after contracting cancer, instead of taking that as a sign that it was time to make amends to those that he'd hurt, so that is his legacy.