Monday, December 17, 2012

Pulp Expressionism

DRAW! #24 from TwoMorrow Publishing, has an online PDF preview worth checking out! One of the best "How To"magazines on comics and cartooning, DRAW! #24  gets a little PULP NOIR this issue with an up-close and in the studio feature with illustrator Glen Orbik, as he demos how he creates his fully painted noir paperback and comic covers for Marvel, DC Comics and others! Several pages of step by step techniques, paintings and reference photos. I just reserved my copy!

Other features include a jump from comics to animation in an interview with Robert Valley, pioneer of the cutting-edge psychedelic animation for “The Beatles: Rock Band" music video, and character designer on Tron: Uprising and Motor City. Plus there's the latest installment of regular features like Comic Art Bootcamp (this time on "Dramatic Lighting") with editor Mike Manley and Bret Blevins, and reviews of new art supplies by Crusty Critic Jamar Nicholas, and a Rough Critique of a newcomer's work by Bob McLeod!

Click here and check out the free PDF preview.

Click here and visit TwoMorrows online to order your copy, or ask your local comic shop to order a copy for you!

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