Friday, November 2, 2012

Cowboys & idioms

Horror in the West, is a fun little anthology I picked up at the local comic shop a couple of weeks ago. Eleven stories of cowboys and aliens, zombies, ghosts, werewolves and demons and other monsters. Fun scary stories of an alien cattle-drive for human flesh, a man who cannot be killed by the hangman's noose,  and demon-slaying bounty hunters, and much more. And a particularly haunting story by Ben Truman, Kurt Belcher and Henrik Horvath called "The Devil's Promanade." Edited by Phil McClorey a comic writer from Toronto, Canada. His previous works include a contribution to New York Times Best Selling Graphic Book FUBAR Vol.2 Empire of the Rising Dead.

Published by Alternacomics. This is a really well laid-out book, with lots of great art and fun stories, all for nine bucks. I enjoyed this cover to cover, can't wait for number two.

Here read more about it and sample some pages at the publisher's website.

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