Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marcus Swayze

Legendary Golden Age comic book artist Marcus Swayze died Sunday. He was 99.

Marc Swayze produced the very first character sketches of Mary Marvel. He is primarily known for drawing Captain Marvel stories and covers for Whiz Comics and Captain Marvel Adventures. He also wrote and drew The Phantom Eagle in Wow Comics. And Fawcett's romance comics after Captain Marvel comics ceased publishing. Later Fawcett sold some of it's books to Charlton, and Swayze worked there for a short time until he retired.

I was more familiar with Marc from his great "We Didn't Know It Was the Golden Age!" column that appeared in Alter Ego magazine., (one of the many fine publications from TwoMorrows publishing). In the column, Marc would discuss everything from the Golden age of comics to the relationship between fine and commercial artists. In addition to reminiscences, sometimes they would reprint older material. In the Alter Ego issue #110, they reprinted the first Phantom Eagle story by Marc, and in Issue 104 they reprinted an interview with Marc primarily about Phantom Eagle, (complete with character concept sketches) conducted by John Pierce from 1993, Marc also a talented musician, mentions that while in the US Army during WWII, he had been chosen to accompany Bing Crosby.

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(The above art and characters are copyright their respective copyright holders, unless I'm mistaken, the column logo and Captain Marvel art is copyright Marc Swayze, the characters Captain Marvel, Shazam and Mary Marvel are Copyright DC Comics? Don't go by me if you need confirmation find additional sources).

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