Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Channeling history

Alex Ness in my words, is one of the greatest poets of our time. Words he would surely bristle at.

Alex Ness in his own words,  "I am a poet.  I know that to some people that is a pretentious title but I've written poetry since my earliest of memories.   I've spent a life filling my mind with ideas about the world, about life, understanding what has gone on in the past and what beckons for the future."

How long have you been a poet?

"Poetry has spoken to me my entire life and I am very happy to write it, wherever I am, whatever inspires it.  I've lived mostly in the state of Minnesota, with stops in Wisconsin, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, and Arizona.   I love comics, cats, books, art, music, and my family, of course.   I spend most of my life in front of a computer keyboard writing on the many websites I write for and upon. "

Do you have any formal training? Did you go to poet school?

"I have degrees from two universities in history and with areas of political science, but my education was never about doing something to get a job, it made me who I am. As a writer of many things, but mostly poetry, my work doesn't get a lot of sales. Whether it is good or not, you can feel free to decide but it is an endeavor I am pursuing."

Your newest book, Autumn Painted Red, an artistic examination of Jack The Ripper. This is a darker work for you. Beyond the darkness of the book's subject, do you have a personal connection to autumn yourself?

"My favorite month is October, not because it is my birthday month but because in Minnesota there is no finer month.   While cool outside, it is not cold, and the trees, sunsets and air are fabulous. " 

Much of your work deals with ancient myth and legends.
Do you consider yourself a teacher of history in some ways?

"In this modern world, who has time to remember mythic and ancient memories?  I believe that human existence is neither endless nor is modernity the higher form of human existence, so remembering the past connects us to our origins and our history, while the mythic content of our memories lingers on in today's stories and ideas. 

Myth changes, it does not die. Modernity seems to offer freedom from others, at its heart.  Everything that technology and modern society offer are less and less human interactive. Just push a button. 

The ancients lived where nothing more than words, metal implements and ideas were in plentiful supply, along with stories, about blood, swords and shields, and stories of love, courage, anger, betrayal and hope. My work is meant to honor that antiquity, and to embrace that which is eternal in us all." 

Finish this sentence, "I'm a poet AND..."

"I am a poet with a wife and son, who misses his Russian Blue cat Mischa, and I look forward to writing more poetry. Life is good." 

Alex Ness is a poet with nearly a dozen books published to date. You can sample his poetry at his blog  ALEX NESS POETRY

You can purchase his newest book, Autumn Painted Red, directly from CREATESPACE

Or you can help support Alex and his work buy buying books directly from the author, he has some of his out-of-print books for sale as well as other books of interest...


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