Wednesday, September 19, 2012

King auteur

In the current issue of The Jack Kirby Collector there is the usual assortment of Kirby greatness but also an interesting article by Arlen Schumer, examining "The Auteur Theory of Comics." (The Jack Kirby Collector #59 from Twomorrows publishing).

The article examines the misconceptions of the artist in the role of creator in comics as it has been recently applied in many court cases. The idea being that comics are just as collaborative a medium as film, and in fact like film, the Director(artist) plays a much larger role in the creation of the piece than the writer.

The article cites the recent court case where the Kirby estate over copyright ownership of the Marvel characters. In which Stan Lee's testimony became one of the deciding factors, which amounted to the misconception the he, NOT Kirby was the true author of the Marvel Universe, by the simple fact that he was the "author." A premise that is central to the documentary "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story."

I highly recommend this issue, for this article alone which makes the case for the artist, in cases like Kirby as the auteur. (Join our discussion on the League boards).

Click here to download a PDF preview from the publisher!

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